Friday, April 26, 2013

What Do You Want To See On MDGD?

As you may have noticed, Most Dangerous Game Design hasn't been updating every week recently.  We plan to shortly return to a post-every-Monday schedule.  While our main barrier isn't lack of content, to help add structure to our updates we want to start a regular segment for your reading pleasure.  Our ideas are below. Please use the form under the options to vote on which you would like to read, or to suggest a different idea!

Lose The Rules
In Lose The Rules, we open games, toss the rules aside, and then try to infer the rules from the components!  We'll be choosing games with small to no amounts of text, so we have the most creative freedom.  If we do this route, we will probably start with Settlers of Catan.

As Seen On TV
In this segment, we will be reviewing, critiquing, and redesigning fictional or real games portrayed in popular culture.  A good example might be this previous post on The Hunger Games.  If we write this column, we'll probably start by writing about the flaws of Quidditch, followed by analysis of the game show The Biggest Loser

That's Not A Game!
If we do this column, Nick and I will look at things that are portrayed as games or thought of as games, but really have give little agency to the players.  Some great examples here are movie drinking games (drink when x happens) and icebreaker name games (try to remember everyone's name).  We will then pitch design variations that actually do inject agency and fun into these "games" while maintaining their feel and goals.

Please vote on this form!