About Most Dangerous Game Design
Most Dangerous Game Design started as a collaborative endeavor between game designers Nick O'Leary and Max Seidman. The project is designed to push us to think about what game design is and what it can be. Blog posts will include musings on design theory, explorations of projects we develop, and reviews of games that we find interesting, challenging, or infuriating. Posts primarily focus on analog games, with the occasional foray into the digital realm.  In 2015 Sharang Biswas began writing for the blog and designing with Max and Nick.

Nick O'Leary is a student at Dartmouth College pursuing a degree in Theater with a focus in design and direction. His projects at Dartmouth have included time on and off stage. A dedicated fan of board games and and other table top games from a young age, Nick has recently begun to explore game design and criticism more seriously.

He is currently a freelance pub quiz writer and a game design intern at Dartmouth's Tiltfactor Laboratory, a research and development lab dedicated to games for social change. Nick is a former RPG Podcaster and a native of Hanover, NH. His other weird interests include Harry Houdini, intellectual property law, urban legends, and old time radio.

Max Seidman is a graduate of Dartmouth College with a B.A. in engineering sciences and a focus on human-centered design. When he's not gaming he spends his time working on games, designing games, and thinking critically about games (both digital, nondigital, and everywhere in between). As a student at Dartmouth, Max designed The Source. As an intern with Tiltfactor Laboratory, he helped design and produce POX: Save the People, Buffalo, and several games in the Metadata Games project.

In June 2012 Max began working for Tiltfactor full-time as a game designer. Hailing from Cambridge, Massachusetts, Max stands a whopping 6′ 20″ and is made of pure radiation. In his spare time he enjoys medieval fencing and writing about himself in the third person

Sharang Biswas began studying Interaction Design and Creative Technology at NYU-ITP when he realised that his engineering degrees weren't as fulfilling as he'd hoped.  He fondly remembers Age of Empires II, the source of his interest in Medieval History, and Neverwinter Nights, which spurred his passion for Dungeons and Dragons and tabletop RPG's. He's also "sort of an artist," though he still questions what that word actually means.

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